The madvise() system call allows applications to tell the kernel how it expects to use some mapped or shared memory pages, so that the kernel can choose appropriate read-ahead and caching techniques.

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mmap() will be called by malloc()?

In the man page of malloc, there(NOTES section) is a paragraph as follows:Normally, malloc() allocates memory from the heap, and adjusts the size of the heap as required, using sbrk(2). When allocatin

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Keyword restrict in C99

While reading Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment, I noticed this:#include <stdio.h> FILE* fmemopen(void *restrict buf, size_t size, const char *restrict type);What is the keyword restr

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Linux/C 捕捉错误总结

这篇文章主要总结 Linux/C 下常用的捕捉错误信息的函数用法和一些注意事项,包括strerror()、perror()、ferror()

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