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  1. In the “10BaseT”,T stands for ( 双绞线 ). (twisted pair)
  2. ( ) and ( ) are two of the most important protocols in the internet. ( TCP) ( IP)
  3. In a client-server architecture, there is an always-on host , called the ( 服务器 ), which services requests from many other hosts, called ( 客户机 ). (server)(clients)
  4. The broadcast destination IP address is ( ). (
  5. Two of the more important ( 轮流访问 ) protocols are polling protocols and token-passing protocol. (taking-turns)
  6. Transport-layer protocols are implemented in the ( 端系统 ), but not in network router. (end system)
  7. The port numbers ranging ( ) are called well-known port numbers. (0~1023)
  8. The ( 距离向量 ) algorithm is used in many routing protocols in practices, including the Internet’s RIP and BGP, Novell IPX, and the original ARPAnet. (DV /distance-vector)
  9. Internet consists of hierarchy of interconnected ( ). (ISPs)
  10. In MAC address, broadcast address is ( ). (FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF)
  11. AS is a collection of( 路由器 ) under the same administrative and technical control. (routers)
  12. ( ) and FDM are two techniques that can be used to partition a broadcast channel’s bandwidth among all nodes sharing that channel. (TDM)
  13. As the queues grow large, the router’s buffer space will eventually be exhausted and ( 丢包 ) will occur. (packet loss)
  14. The role of the network layer is to move ( 数据包 ) from a sending host to a receiving host. (packets)数据包是TCP/IP传输的数据单位
  15. ( 转发 ) refers to the router-local action of transferring a packet from an input link interface to the appropriate output link interface. (Forwarding)
  16. The Internet’s network layer provides a single service,known as ( 尽力而为服务). (best-effort service)
  17. The units of data exchanged by a link-layer protocol are called ( ). (frames)
  18. The ( 链路 ) -layer protocol defines the format of the packets exchanged between the nodes at the ends of the link, as well as the actions taken by these nodes when the packets are sent and received. (link)
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