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  1. The DNS server can update the records. (T)
  2. The TCP connection is a direct virtual pipe between the client’s socket and the server’s connection socket. (T)
  3. SMTP protocol connect the sender’s mail server and receiver’s mail server (T)
  4. Whereas a transport-layer protocol provides logical communication between processes running on different hosts, a network-layer protocol provides logical communication between hosts. (T)
  5. UDP and TCP also provide integrity checking by including right-detection fields in their headers. (F)
  6. If the application developer chooses UDP instead of TCP, then the application is not directly talking with IP. ( F )
  7. When we develop a new application, we must assign the application a port number. ( T )
  8. Real-time applications, like Internet phone and video conferencing, react very poorly to TCP’s congestion control. ( T )
  9. The sender knows that a received ACK or NAK packet was generated in response to its most recently transmitted data packet. (T)
  10. To simplify terminology, when in an Internet context, we refer to the 4-PDU as a unit. (F)
  11. DV algorithm is essentially the only routing algorithm used in practice today in the Internet (F)
  12. Every router has many forwarding tables. (F)
  13. In either case, a server receives routing protocol messages,which are used to configure its forwarding table. (F)
  14. Among the ASs, they run the same inter_AS routing protocol. T
  15. Routing protocols’ job is to determine the path take by a datagram between source and destination. T
  16. OSPF was one of the earliest intra_AS Internet routing protocols. F
  17. The IPV6 datagrams are more simpler, more streamlined. (T)
  18. Forwarding tables in datagram networks can be modified at any time.(T)
  19. In a VC network, the network’s routers must maintain connection state information for the ongoing connections.(T)
  20. The routers of datagram networks use forwarding table, the routers of virtual-circuit networks don’t use forwarding table.(F)
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